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Lockdown has seen some of us reading more than ever before. So far during lockdown I have read 21 books and counting… A definite benefit of current situations is having more time to delve into other worlds which is very welcome right now. I can’t deny my concentration hasn’t been brilliant the whole of lockdown but regardless, I’ve had more time than usual on my hands. 

As always I have kept track using Goodreads and I’m so glad I did. So, what have I read during lockdown and what would I rate them out of 5?

The Jane Austen Dating Agency – Fiona Woodfield 3/5
The Cuckoo’s Calling – Robert Galbraith 4/5
The Cactus – Sarah Haywood 5/5
You Let Me In – Lucy Clarke 5/5
The Little Old Lady Who Broke All The Rules – Catharina Ingelman-Sundberg 2/5 Missing, Presumed – Susie Steiner 1/5
The Other Wife – Claire McGowan 4/5
OPEN: Why asking for help can save your life – Frankie Bridge 5/5
The Novice (Black Magician Trilogy #2) – Trudi Canavan 3/5
The Doctor – Lisa Stone 5/5
The Second Husband – Louise Candlish 1/5
The Woman He Loved Before – Dorothy Koomson 5/5
I See You – Clare Mackintosh 3/5
Meet Baby Morgan (Clara Andrews #5) – Lacey London 3/5
False Step – Victoria Helen Stone 3/5
Followers – Megan Angelo 2/5
In Five Years – Rebecca Serle 3/5
The Perfect Child – Lucinda Berry 5/5
The Silent Patient – Alex Michaelides 2/5
The Girl in the Red Coat – Roma Ligocka 3/5

You can probably guess which reads I would recommend based on my ratings but there’s some I want to give some extra love to. A friend recommended You Let Me In and I read it in less than 24 hours, it was the definition of a page-turner. I have since recommended it to other friends and family who have all enjoyed it just as much. The Doctor and The Perfect Child are both excellent but do deal with some pretty harrowing issues so you do need to be aware before picking them up. 

Meet Baby Morgan, The Jane Austen Dating Agency and In Five Years may only have 3/5 stars but I would still recommend them. They are great holiday, chilling by the pool, not using much brain power kind of reads and there is always a place for books like that in my life!

I will almost certainly continue to add to my TBR list which is already far too long so please let me know of any reads you’ve enjoyed recently! More than half of the books on this list I read on kindle. And a lot of them were reduced to 99p when I downloaded them. If you don’t have a kindle I’d definitely recommend downloading the kindle app on a phone/tablet and getting some books dead cheap!

Until next time,
Shona x

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