This collection was somewhat of an impulse purchase last November, did someone say Black Friday sales? I just can’t say no to a bargain! I had never jumped on the Modern Renaissance palette hype although one of my bestie’s had the palette and did some beautiful looks using it. To me, the shades just weren’t super wearable and if I’m honest, it is the palette I reach for the least in this collection. 

ABH had this collection on their website for a while and it retailed for £79, an absolute steal considering you’re getting three palettes which individually cost £46. You don’t have to be a mathematician (I’m certainly not!) to realise the incredible value for money here. Even better, Black Friday sales meant I got even more of a deal and paid around £55-60, I can’t remember the exact amount I paid but I’m sure it made each palette almost half price. I love the rose gold drawers that house the three palettes and the palettes themselves are gorgeous, but we knew this already. 


I feel like I don’t really need to ‘review’ the palettes. They have all been around for a while and ABH have a great reputation. In short, the palettes are fab quality. The shadows are super pigmented and blend really well. There is a little bit of fall out with the more shimmery shades but it’s nothing that can’t be swept away with a fluffy brush. The shade range in this collection is fab, Soft Glam is the palette I reach for the most, the shades are super wearable for everyday or a beautiful bronzey look for a night out. Norvina is beaut and I love the purple hues, as I’m typing this I’m actually wearing Soul, Celestial, Drama and Dreamer from the Norvina palette. Like I said above, I don’t reach for Modern Renaissance all that often but it does have its merits and the incredible value for money means at least one of the palettes was entirely free so hey…

Anastasia Beverley Hills have so many incredible eyeshadow palettes. They also always have deals on bundles and sets so definitely keep you eye on their website if that’s what you’re after!

Until next time,
Shona x

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