Hello, hello! I posted a couple of weeks back about using Tropic skincare and how it was, or in my case, wasn’t working. At that point my plan was to strip back my skincare routine and see if it made any difference before making a decision about repurchasing Tropic or going down a different route entirely… 

Well, you can probably guess from the feature image that I am not using Tropic anymore. I did stick it out with Tropic for a further two weeks. I didn’t use any of the serums or drops, I stripped it right back and used the cleanser, toner and moisturiser daily as directed and I did use the clear skin mask once each week too. I really didn’t see any difference in my skin at all, it looked dull and the products were doing nothing to clear up the small number of blemishes I had. Tropic was a brand I was so excited to try and I am genuinely gutted it didn’t work for me. I would have persevered for another few weeks but my cleanser actually ran out and I wasn’t prepared to part with £18 plus shipping for a product I didn’t think was great. 

I really don’t want to come across as super negative… Tropic is a great brand and I know so many people who have had amazing results using their products but unfortunately that hasn’t been my experience. I totally get people wanting to try Tropic and the bottom line is that everyone’s skin is different. I have oily-combination skin and know others with this skin type who love Tropic. You can buy the cleanser (£18), toner (£14) and moisturiser (£24) individually or buy them in different skincare sets for £56 or £96-98. All at once, it is a lot of money to part with if you end up not liking them which unfortunately was my situation.

Anyway… What am I using now since ending my affair with Tropic? I am back to my trusty faithful, Liz Earle. I have told some of my friends and family to never let me stray again so if you ever see me posting about an all new skincare routine away from Liz Earle, feel free to call me out. I first used Liz Earle almost 3 years ago towards the end of Summer 2017 and posted about it here. I really have no reason as to why I stopped using it except for laziness. I have gone back to it since then, most recently at the end of last year and every time I use it I am super impressed with the quality and how good my skin looks. So this time, I am determined to use it consistently and repurchase and not get lazy about having a skincare routine. It really does wonders for my skin and I think when my skin looks great is when laziness starts to creep in but consistency really is key.


I am pretty much using the same Liz Earle products as I was way back in 2017 that I have always gone back but there are some very slight changes. I use the Hot Cloth Cleanse and Polish (£15.50 for 100ml or £17 for 100ml and two muslin cloths), Instant Boost Skin Tonic (£16 for 200ml) and Skin Repair Gel Cream, this is new, (£23 for 50ml) twice daily – in the morning and before bed. Liz Earle I believe have 5 moisturisers in their range. Three in their Skin Repair range for dry skin, normal skin, and oily skin, and they have two – scented and unscented – in their Superskin range. There is so much information on their website, and their live chat function is great for choosing the right moisturiser for you! I also use the Eyebright Soothing Eye Lotion (£16 for 150ml), the Gentle Face Exfoliator (£16.50 for 70ml), the Deep Cleansing Mask (£19 for 75ml and two sponges), and the Balancing Gel Mask (£19 for 50ml and a muslin cloth). 



Typing that out, it seems like a lot of products but I don’t use them all daily. The moisturiser is new and so is the gel mask but everything else I’ve used before and know when to use them to best benefit my skin. There are also always deals on Liz Earle. Shop around because so many places stock them and every time I have bought, I’ve had at least one travel-size product thrown in, if not more. Shopping around usually means I manage to find a discount code to use too. In no way am I a skincare expert but I have tried a lot over the years and time and time again, Liz Earle works best for me. Their products feel very high end but with a mid-range price point. 

I’ll probably keep updating my skincare routine because why not? Let me know your skincare favourites!

Until next time,
Shona x

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