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Lipstick is one of those products that I struggle to resist. Recently when I was in Boots (buying essentials, of course), I noticed a stand with Wet n Wild. Maybe I’m just way behind, it wouldn’t be the first time, but I didn’t realise Wet n Wild was so easy to pick up in the UK. As soon as I saw the MegaLast Matte Lipstick, I knew I needed to try it. The new packaging seems to be a dupe for Pat McGrath and I think it’s stunning. I would say unique but considering that’s two brands with the same style… I guess not.

In Boots, I picked up two shades – Red Velvet and Mochalicious. I try to always buy a nude and a bolder/brighter shade when I’m trying out a new brand. I find that some brands do one or the other very well but not both. Well… Wet n Wild do both incredibly well. The pigment, the longevity, how it feels on the lips, how it feels to hold – I would quite happily pay £20+ for these lipsticks and they are less than £4. Can we take a moment to appreciate that? 


How I came to own 11 of these lipsticks in the space of about 5 days really isn’t my fault… Ha! My friend messaged me to say Beauty Bay had 20% off everything from Wet n Wild. Now obviously, Wet n Wild is super inexpensive as it is so with an extra 20% off, I’d have been stupid not to take advantage. 

There seems to be two types of MegaLast matte lipstick. From what I gather, the Pat McGrath look-alike is relatively new and was released this year but as far I’m aware, and can tell, the formula is the same. The old style is not as beautiful, or as nice a shape for precision application but for less than £3, I can’t complain. It’s still better than some brands I’ve tried with a way heftier price tag. Beauty Bay had the new ones so I opted for them where I could but there were a couple of shades I was eyeing up that at that point, were only available in the old style bullet. £23ish later, I had a confirmation e-mail telling me my haul would arrive soon… (insert dancing gif here). 


I purchased the shades: Just Peachy, Purty Persimmon, Smokin’ Hot Pink, Cherry Picking and Sugar Plum Fairy in the older style and in the new style I picked up: Bare It All, Sand Storm, Mauve Outta Here and Cherry Bomb. As someone who loves a bold lip, I am super excited to have an array of beautiful shades in the MegaLast Matte range. I also love that they have a coloured sticker on the bottom – I know there are a few brands that do this but it seems like such a simple but fabulous idea so you can grab a shade at a glance without having to really focus on the tiny little shade names… Maybe this is just my opinion because I have terrible eyesight, who knows?!

L-R: Bare It All; Just Peachy; Sand Storm; Mochalicious; Mauve Outta Here; Purty Persimmon; Red Velvet; Smokin’ Hot Pink; Cherry Picking; Sugar Plum Fairy; and Cherry Bomb

The lipsticks go on so easily, feel so nice on the lips – not drying at all, they genuinely do last all day (even when sitting in 20+ degree heat, eating an Italian feast and drinking too much prosecco – I had a ball at my dad’s birthday celebrations!). Trying Wet n Wild lipsticks was such a fluke but I am so happy. The formula definitely rivals MAC and since I’m no longer purchasing from them because they’re not cruelty free then I am delighted to have found an incredible brand that will most likely become my go-to for lipsticks for the foreseeable! 

And can we just remember they are only £2.95-£3.99!! 

I honestly recommend this to everyone – I know there are people who don’t like matte lipsticks so maybe if that’s you, you won’t like these. However, they are definitely not as drying on the lip as some MAC ones I have, so maybe for a long lasting lip you will like this. Please let me know if you have tried this, what you think or if I have convinced you to go out and pick up a shade. I promise, if you do… You won’t be disappointed!

Until next time,
Shona x

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