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I recently experienced my first ‘Pie Day’ and long story short, I am in LOVE. I had heard about Beauty Pie but didn’t know much about it or understand the concept. A friend of mine is a big fan and explained it all to me and gave me her referral code to get my first month free. Before long I had a product wish list longer than my arm and was eagerly awaiting payday so I could get my hands on some goodies. 

So, how does beauty pie work?
This is something that I did take a while to get my head around but it’s actually a pretty simple concept. You pay a monthly subscription and in return, get monthly spend allowance. Your membership tier determines how much you can spend each month. However, the amount you spend each month isn’t based on the price you actually pay for products, it is based on products’ typical price – what you’d expect to pay for other luxury brands. In my opinion, this is actually genius. If you are on a £10 per month subscription, your spend allowance will be £100 but because the actual member prices are so cheap, you may only spend about £20-30 on 3-5 products… Writing it out, it does sound complicated but I promise you it’s not. Your spending allowance rolls over if you have any left which is fab (but something I will probably never experience), you’ll never miss out. It is my current favourite thing and I am not ashamed to admit I have a whole spreadsheet dedicated to Beauty Pie products I want to try in order of priority… Maybe I should be a little ashamed?


What Did I Buy First?
In honour of my hunt for the perfect BB cream, I purchased the Sheer Tinted Oil Free SPF 20 – typical price £28, member price approximately £6. I absolutely love this product. I haven’t yet worn it enough to fully make up my mind but my first impressions are GREAT. It is exactly what I’ve been looking for and I love that it has SPF too. It goes on so nicely just using your hands, or a make-up brush and looks great with or without primer!

Pro-glow strobing drops in the shade Illuminati. Haven’t we all eyed up the Cover FX and ICONIC London liquid highlight drops? Well, this appears to be a dupe with a typical price of £28 and a member price of just £8. Soooo much cheaper and absolutely stunning. These are super easy to use and I can already tell they will fast become a staple in my routine!

Cream Shadow Stick in the shade Huntress. My friend actually needs credit/blame (depending how you look at it) for this purchase. She was lusting over the Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerise product and chatting to her we realised this may be a similar idea. This product was beautiful to swatch and glided on effortlessly with great colour payoff. This product has a typical price of £22 and a member price of £5. The cream shadow stick is very easy to use, it does crease ever so slightly throughout the day but nothing majorly noticeable. I am looking forward to getting my hands on more shades – shimmers and mattes – of this shadow stick.

Futurelipstick matte in the shade cowboy nude. This has a typical price of £20 and a member price of £5. This lipstick is very pretty and I am excited to use it more and try out different shades. I am not convinced it is actually a ‘matte’ formula though… It’s more matte than some but still has a slight satiny feel to it in my opinion! 

One powder wonder – Uberlucent universal. Claiming to be ‘not just another translucent powder’. This powder with a typical price of £26 and a member price of £6 is so silky smooth. I have been using RCMA No Colour loose powder since Jaclyn Hill convinced me I should buy it back in the day and I love it. However, a pressed powder is so handy to have for travel, or touch ups throughout the day… Loose powder gets messy. This was so nice to use and while it will probably never fully replace the RCMA loose powder, I am a huge fan!

Evidently, my first Beauty Pie haul has been very make up heavy. However, the final product I purchased was from the skincare category. I purchased the Pure Ceramides Elastic-Boost Eye Moisture Serum with puffiness reducing rollerballs – wow, that is a mouthful. This has a typical price of £40 but the member price is just £6. While I’m not sure this will increase elasticity like it claims to, it’s a beautiful product to use. I love using it in the morning and instantly feeling like my under eyes are more awake and less puffy.

L-R: Strobing drops in Illuminati; Cream shadow stick in Huntress; and Matte lipstick in Cowboy Nude.

All member prices given are approximate. Beauty Pie works to pennies and I’ve noticed these do ever so slightly change occasionally – a product that was £5.48 may change to £5.62, for example. 

I have such good first impressions of Beauty Pie and I cannot wait to place another order. I got the above 6 items for £40ish inc postage and packing. An absolute steal, if you ask me. I’ve heard such good things about pretty much everything from Beauty Pie and I am excited to try their candles and perfumes and shower scrubs… The list goes on. 

Let me know if you have tried Beauty Pie and what you’d recommend, or if you are now keen to get your hands on some pie! All members get a referral code to give their friends their first month free so if you want a free month, get in touch! You have to subscribe for 3 months but after that you can amend your monthly subscription or cancel! 

Until next time,
Shona x 


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